I slutningen af Juni 2015 havde jeg den store ære at blive optaget i

Confraria do Vinho do Porto

En anderkendelse fra portvinsinstituttet for mit arbejde med portvin gennem de sidste 13 års.


Oscar Quevedo fra Quevedo portwine udtaler:

I would like to say that I’m really excited about your new project. Denmark is a important market for Port Wine, as there is in the country a wide and wise group of Port Wine lovers, tasting Port Wine regularly and complementing the cultural experience with regular visits to the Douro. Contrarily to other north European markets, Danish people is enjoying premium Ports, of superior quality and taste. There is a predisposition to the consumer to spend some extra krones on a bottle of Port Wine, which is a big pleasure for any winemaker focused on the elaboration of quality Port Wine. You website will be an important tool to spread the word of Port at the same time as it educate more people for the Port Wine culture.